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Hi there! I’m Carie Spence. I am a mom, a wife, work full-time and I LOVE to cook and shop. I have always wanted to share my favorite recipes….most of them come from lots of playing in the kitchen, as well as from other great bloggers and chefs. I also know how hard it is to be able to feed your family on a limited budget so I am happy to share any tips I have on saving money on all those groceries you need to make these yummy recipes.
I have this love for trying out new ingredients. I love to hear about and find new and different healthy ingredients to use in my recipes. I think it is important for people to think outside of the box when they cook. It will keep you inspired and encourage you to be more creative in your cooking. Trying new things can also introduce your palette to flavors you have never experienced and make your body a little healthier in the process.

You may notice throughout the site that I am a tad sarcastic and yes, quite silly, so you’ll have to forgive me. I honestly can’t help it…blame my parents! Isn’t that what everybody does?

I am a big fan of healthy eating. You will notice most of my recipes are based on a healthy lifestyle. I believe in eating real whole foods and treating our bodies right. Now with that being said, I love snack foods and desserts, so you will definitely find a fair share of those here too. I believe in a balance. You should not deprive yourself of the things you love, however, all things in moderation, right!?

I don’t follow any specific plan or diet so if I get something wrong on a recipe that is not gluten free when the recipe claims to be, or list something to be a “whole” food and it isn’t, then please let me know! I am happy to hear anything that will help improve my recipes and site.

I believe in doing right by your body. Make the right choices but don’t deprive yourself. Healthy food can taste good. Food doesn’t have to be full of fat or sugar to be good. Simple changes like using healthier fats and healthier sweeteners can make all the difference. Try not to rely on processed foods. With a little thought and planning you can make these foods yourself and I guarantee you will feel better and take more pride in what you are eating.
I was recently told by my doctor that I have an allergy to dairy. This was devastating news as I love cheese, ice cream, etc. After a few weeks I realized how much better I felt.
I never even suspected dairy but many of the issues I was having were gone within two weeks of being dairy free. My stomach felt better and the skin issues on my face were gone.
I mention this because you will notice a lot of my recipes use almond or coconut milk. Feel free to swap out for regular milk if you don’t have this allergy. I do encourage you to buy organic milk if you can.
If you have any questions or comments I would love to hear from you!
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